Pre-Covid, there were some major changes to Region 4, now things are calming down, we at PKC Region 4 would like to make sure that you get to know the PKC Region 4 Directors and Staff.  We are looking forward to re-building a great region and working alongside the promoters as well as the competitors to make the region thrive.

Mr. Steve Fickesā€”PKC Region 4 Director.  Mr. Fickes will be at the helm of PKC Region 4 and is dedicated to breathing new life into it.  He looks forward to working with PKC4 Promoters (both old and new) and making Region 4 better than ever.  




Assisting Mr. Fickes in the position of Assistant Region Director, will be Deven Fickes.  Most of you have seen Deven at multiple tournaments competing, coordinating and assisting Derek.  He has much experience not only with making the divisions run smoothly and we are excited to have you with us!



Mrs. Amy Fickes will be in charge of Scorekeeper Training.  Armed with her vast knowledge of the rules and the new score keeping process, she will be running the scorekeeper meeting, making sure they understand the new process we have in place.  She will also be taking care of ring assignment sheets, pre-tournament.


Kelly Lecocq, will continue her job of Region 4 Points Director.  She  will also be working with Amy to make sure scorekeeper paperwork is prepared pre-tournament.  She is looking forward to all the great things ahead of us and working with the Fickes to push forward and make our Region thrive.


If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please feel free to contact us via facebook or at the